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    Enhancing your business. Through a partnership with Unite.

    At Mercateo Unite we are convinced that partnerships are an important pillar of reliable and strong businesses. They are a vital factor for a companies’ lasting success - most of the substantial accomplishments in today’s market have been achieved through partnerships.

    As a partner, we will help your business thrive, meet your customers needs and provide you with reliable and consistent support. Combining your strong relationships and understanding of your customers needs with the e-procurement know-how of Mercateo Unite, we can boost our services to the next level.

    Portrait | Benjamin Storm

    „Our partners have an excellent understanding of their customers needs. We provide an infrastructure that helps them deliver a smart solution to those needs. Together with our partners, we offer our customers the best of both worlds.“

    Benjamin Storm, Head of Partner Management, Unite Network AG

    Why partner with us?

    We benefit from nearly two decades of know-how in digital networking and procurement in 14 countries. We are passionate about making e-procurement and e-commerce in B2B easy and smart.

    This is why we have developed Mercateo Unite, a neutral B2B-networking platform where suppliers, buyers and providers connect up their systems and handle transactions digitally. Using its API (Application Programming Interface), a seamless purchasing and selling experience is enabled without any media interruption.

    As our partners you profit from a variety of advantages:

    • You are our priority. We guarantee a fast lane integration of your clients.
    • We provide you with a marketing package: All the information you need, ready to distribute to your clients.
    • You will be able to establish a profile in our partner lounge and use it as an additional channel for your market presence.
    • We offer you the participation at a great deal of Mercateo Unite Events as well as the opportunity for you to present yourself.

    Different ways to partner with us

    System Partnership

    As our system partner, you are a provider of e-procurement, ERP or e-commerce systems and want to easily pre-integrate Unite for your customers. Buyers will have immediate access to millions of additional items, can digitize their sellers and find new ones with just a mouse click. Sellers can offer their products to an ever-growing network of buyers, find new markets and increase their profit.

    Consulting Partnership

    As our consulting partner you are a business that acquires its own projects with customers, e.g. procurement projects or e-commerce projects, and would like to integrate Mercateo Unite into your concept. With Mercateo Unite you provide a unique and innovative solution to your customers needs.

    Implementation partnership

    As our implementation partner, you offer technical customization and functional enhancement of e-procurement, ERP or e-commerce systems and implement workflows, interfaces and third-party modules. You want to implement Unite in order to provide standard integration to a fast-growing international networking platform.

    A selection of our current partners. Continuously growing - maybe with you?

    Here is a selection of our partners. More information

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    Ready to partner with us?

    If you are interested in a partnership with us, please contact us.

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