Foto: Interview mit Arie van Bennekum

    "Either you fly or you don’t" - an interview with agile guru Arie van Bennekum

    Agile working:

    • How to switch from classic project management to agile working
    • Which processes need to be scrutinised
    • How to recognise a good agile coach

    “Either you fly or you don’t,” says Arie van Bennekum about the shift towards agile working methods. He himself co-authored the ‘Agile Manifesto’ and is a Thought Leader at Wemanity. He has been helping companies implement agile working methods for decades. The method originated in the field of software development and is now also used in marketing and human resources departments.

    Who writes here?

    Portrait: Marie-Theresa Vogel

    I am a product owner in marketing at Mercateo and have been working with agile teams for years. In my view, the beauty of the agile method of working lies in the fast implementation of new projects. For me, agility is the energetic alternative to the classic ‘we’ve always done it this way’ style of project management.

    Marie-Theresa Vogel