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    Your BusinessShop. Online sales success made easy.

    Reach new and existing customers on leading e-procurement systems with just one electronic product catalogue. Opening a BusinessShop makes online sales more effective than ever before.

    • Reach customers where they do their purchasing
    • Make life simpler for your customers by offering the Single Creditor Model
    • Offer individual prices for specific customers
    • Expand your online sales with very little effort
    • Integrate yourself into your customers’ procurement processes

    Set up your BusinessShop today

    Easy configuration

    To create a BusinessShop, your catalogue needs to be available in electronic form (BMEcat or CSV). Unite can give you catalogue templates and also help with conversion.

    Individual prices

    Set customer-specific prices, for example for customers with framework contracts. This allows you to continue personal business relationships and strengthen customer loyalty.

    Marketing support

    Choose from a variety of templates for your sales activities and online presence. We’ll provide you with landing pages and detail pages where you can introduce your company and describe your products and services. And you’ll also get a personalised URL.

    Easy updating

    Managing and editing your contact and catalogue data is simple and ensures your customers are always kept up to date.

    The personal touch

    Tell your customers who to contact if they need any assistance with products or prices. In the Commissionaire Model Plus, Unite takes care of customer service for you.

    Choose a transaction model

    You can choose from different transaction models. Select the most suitable one for you and your customers.

    Set up your BusinessShop in just a few steps

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    Features of the BusinessShop

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    The features of the BusinessShop

    Your BusinessShop enables you to reach new and existing customers with a single electronic product catalogue. Learn about the features here.

    App Store and detail page

    If desired, your BusinessShop (along with your logo) can be listed in the App Store – our digital showroom – where it can be found using the search bar. Your company as well as your product range and services are shown on your detail page. Customers can activate your BusinessShop in one click.

    Contract management

    This is where you can manage customer enquiries, BusinessShop activations and customers, and assign individual prices.

    Landing pages for customer acquisition

    Use your customised landing pages for direct customer acquisition (depending on each customer’s e-procurement system). Your landing page introduces your company and sets out your range of products and services. Depending on your settings, customers can either activate your BusinessShop immediately or request activation.

    App management

    Here you can manage profile information, catalogues and prices, set activation options (automatic or manual), and also add your contact data for customer enquiries.

    App creation and catalogue creation

    Create a BusinessShop yourself using the App Creator (currently available for SAP Ariba, Integra and Beneering). Unite can help you create and convert catalogues with its Catalogue Transform service.

    Visibility in customers’ systems

    Providers are displayed to customers in the search results. On Mercateo, providers are also shown at the top the homepage.

    BusinessShop price list

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    Which transaction model would you like?

    For more information about our transaction models, go here

    Order Forwarding

    • Uniform digital order format
    • You take care of order processing

    Commissionaire Model

    • Single Creditor option for your customers
    • Single Debtor for you
    • Guaranteed payment following credit checks
    • E-invoicing
    Portrait | Jochen Buch

    „My BusinessShop lets me offer my customers significant added value. I can make my product assortment available online and free myself up to concentrate on what I do best: advising customers about tools.“

    Jochen Buch, Managing Director, Buch Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH

    Portrait | Team Anbietermanagement

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