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    Mercateo Unite. Achieving more together.

    Unite is a trademark of the Mercateo Group. The neutral B2B network was created in 2017 on the basis of decades of experience and a unique partnership: Via regular communication with partners, colleagues and customers, we have learned precisely what kind of digital support is needed by companies in the European Economic Area with regard to procurement and sales processes in B2B.

    We want to create real added value for all participants through our network, Through digitisation, we are working to further strengthen the powerful structures that underpin German and European economies.

    We are also certain that, in future, value creation will increasingly result from collaboration. We therefore support targeted differentiation and make it possible to create diversity in commercial trade.

    Your contact throughout Europe

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    Diversity is our strength

    Internally at Mercateo, we also ensure precisely the kind of diversity that we aim to strengthen in digital commerce. Which is why our teams consist of a healthy mix of old hands and dynamic youngsters; of perspectives from different corners of Europe and colleagues from dozens of nations. Together, we can see the big picture.

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    IT "Made in Germany"

    The ERP system was invented in Germany. And we also believe that this is the ideal location to grow B2B platforms. is developed by our in-house software teams at several locations in Germany. We also believe that Europe has developed its own take on data privacy that is based on its culture. This understanding is valuable and is leading towards a future in which company data will create business values which align with the interests of both companies and their customers.

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    Eisenwarenmesse 2018: Gesprächssituation

    „In IT development, we are increasingly using open-source software, which saves valuable development time. However, we also get involved in the community, publish our own software and actively participate in third-party projects.“

    Philipp Zins, IT

    „Wie bleibe ich bei der Digitalisierung vorne mit dabei und behalte dabei die Beziehung zum Kunden? Diese und weitere Fragen bespreche ich täglich mit Herstellen und Händlern und zeige wie Mercateo Unite dafür eine Lösung darstellt.“

    Christian Möller, Anbietermanagement

    „From business cards to trade fair appearances - we design everything in-house across multiple locations, whereby we value creative work above all. Our goal is to ensure that everything we communicate to the outside world bears the Mercateo signature.“

    Tobias Tauchnitz, Graphic design

    „Eine Infrastruktur baut niemand allein! Gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern schaffen wir im Unite Partnermanagement die Voraussetzungen für die Internationalisierung und Skalierung des B2B Netzwerks Unite. Und das Wichtigste: wir haben Spaß dabei!“

    Benjamin Storm, Leiter Partnermanagement

    „Ich treffe die Anbieter vor Ort und erfahre viel über ihre Herausforderungen im Bereich der Digitalisierung. Mit Unite geben wir ihnen die Möglichkeit, sich rechtzeitig am Markt zu positionieren und auf die wachsenden Bedürfnisse ihrer Kunden zu reagieren.“

    Lukas Woycieszack, Anbietermanagement

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