Create individual pricefile

    Provide your customers with individual prices using an individual CSV file. Within this file you can adjust all prices (and price scales) for each item in your business shop.

    Note: After uploading the price file into our system, you can assign it to a customer. The prices updated in the price file will then be replaced in the customer’s view. All other article prices remain unchanged.

    Creation and structure of the price file in CSV format

    a. without price scale

    The price file can be created using Microsoft Excel. For a price file without price scale, please insert the following individual columns:


    Article number


    1 (price scale is set to the value 1)


    Price for the respective article

    The spelling and order of the headings must not be changed! Fill the columns with all articles for which you want to replace the price.

    Use a dot or comma as decimal marker: Example: 2.55 or 2,55.

    Note: The price is only updated if the LOWER_BOUND in the csv price file corresponds to the QUANTITY_MIN stated in the basic catalog. LOWER_BOUND (price file) = QUANTITY_MIN (basic catalog)

    b. with price scale

    The price file can be created using Microsoft Excel. A price file with price scale is created according to the following column format:


    Article number


    1st price scale


    Price for the 1st price scale


    2nd price scale


    Price for the 2nd price scale

    You can specify as many price scales as you need. To do this, continue numbering (for example, LOWER_BOUND3, NET_CUSTOMER3 for the 3rd price scale, and so on).

    Note: A sample file in CSV format can be found at the end of this page.

    Save the data as CSV file

    Please save the Excel table after editing and then export the data as a CSV file.

    File ‘

    Save as ‘

    File name: “CSV.csv”

    File type: “CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)”

    Afterwards you have the possibility to check the CSV file in your text editor.

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