Invoicing by Unite Financial Services

    The invoicing by Unite Financial Services occurs based on the Unite Terms of Use subject to the following conditions:

    Unite Financial Services means the respective company assigned by Unite Network SE to issue invoices and process payments as specified here for the respective country.

    1. Invoice templates

    Examples of Unite Financial Services invoices sent in the name and on behalf of a provider in the currently available countryspecific versions can be found at

    2. Remittance advice

    In order to ensure an unequivocal allocation of the customer payment and to avoid a return transfer, Unite Network AG requires a remittance advice from the customer. This shall be sent in PDF format prior to payment to the address and shall be made out to the account specified by Unite Financial Services. The remittance advice should contain the following information:

    • Invoice number
    • Invoice amount
    • Date of payment
    • Total sum

    3. Invoice format, transmission routes

    Invoices are transmitted in the following formats via the following transmission routes:

    • PDF via Email: For this purpose, the customer specifies an email address where the invoices are to be sent.
    • cXML for transmission to the customer´s procurement partner: various transmission routes are possible depending on the customer’s procurement solution.

    4. Reconciliation letter

    For invoice accrual, the customer will regularly receive a reconciliation letter in PDF format based on the key date, which lists all open invoice amounts per provider. This can also be requested by email. A template of the reconciliation letter can be found at

    5. Term of payment

    Section 28.2 of the Unite Terms of Use requires the customer and provider to agree on a term of payment that is no longer than 30 days.

    6. Payment recipient

    In section 28.1 of the Unite Terms of Use, the users agree that the customer shall only be discharged of his debt to the creditor/provider upon payment into the account specified by Unite Financial Services. Direct payment to the provider is not to be made in this case.

    7. Single Creditor, Letterhead

    When invoicing through Unite Financial Services, the customer may create Unite Financial Services as the only creditor in his systems instead of the provider.

    Before creating Unite Financial Services as a creditor instead of the actual service provider, Unite Network AG recommends consulting with the customer’s tax advisor/auditor.

    If the customer decides to create Unite Financial Services as a creditor in his system, they can access a letterhead provided by Unite Network AG with the relevant Unite Financial Services information for their respective country at

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