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    For buyers using an e-procurement system

    Where can I view my orders?

    In the purchase overview you can see all your orders at Unite. As a Mercateo customer, on the other hand, you will find your purchases in the order archive of your Mercateo account.

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    Will I be able to change or cancel an order? How do I deal with returns?

    If you have any questions regarding the cancellation, return or complaint, please contact the respective provider.

    Returns are processed directly between the buyer and the provider. Unite can provide you with assistance regarding both communication and the necessary steps. All enquiries concerning returns can be written and sent centrally in a standardized format – Unite will then forward them to the providers concerned. You’ll receive all the contact data required to process returns.

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    Who is liable for defects of the goods/services purchased through Unite?

    Claims under the warranty for defect must be asserted against the provider with whom the customer placed the respective order.

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