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    For buyers using an e-procurement system

    What is Unite?

    Unite is a networking platform for purchasing and trade. Here, buyers can specifically activate suppliers in order to purchase products. The direct business relationship between buyers and suppliers is in the foreground. Unite provides functionalities that facilitate the digital business processes between purchasing and sales.

    Why should I activate the Unite App Store?

    The Unite App Store offers buyers a network of providers with pre-integrated suppliers from various sectors. You can invite your regular providers to Unite and also set up relationships with new suppliers with individual pricing. A pre-integrated marketplace offers millions of items from verified providers and an expandable network all with just one creditor. Find out more.

    In which countries is the Mercateo Unite API available?

    At the moment, an integration into the ERP or e-procurement system is available in the following European countries:

    • Germany (GER)
    • United Kingdom (UK)
    • France (FR)
    • Netherlands (NL)
    • Austria (AT)
    • Belgium (BE)
    • Spain (ES)
    • Switzerland (CH)
    • Slovakia (SK)

    More European countries will follow soon.

    Where can I find the Terms of Use for Unite?

    You can find the Terms of Use for Mercateo Unite here.

    Is it not possible to make individual adjustments to the General Section of the Unite Terms of Use. All participants of the network have to observe these general rules as the house rules and cannot negotiate special individual regulations which then cannot be applied to the other numerous users.

    What is the VAT-ID of Mercateo Unite?

    Mercateo Unite is an infrastructure and you cannot buy anything from Mercateo Unite directly. You always buy from the seller you have chosen on Mercateo Unite. For your accounting system you use Unite Financial Services (UFS) as the creditor (if you use SAP Ariba, Beneering or Integra as your e-procurement system. You will find more information on our Single Creditor Model here.

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