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    For buyers using an e-procurement system

    What payment options are offered?

    For payments, only banking remittances are accepted.

    What formats are being offered for invoice transmitting?

    Unite Financial Services offers the provision of invoices via mail in pdf or via EDI as cXML. Depending on the preferred format of the buyer. Please ask for further alternatives.

    What is the single creditor model?

    The single creditor model enables you to have just one creditor for orders from various providers on Unite, namely Unite Financial Services GmbH, or UFS for short. This means you can work with many different providers while keeping your business processes lean and efficient. You can procure a wide range of products without overburdening your accounts department since you receive standardised invoices from UFS on behalf of your various providers. What’s more, you still remain in direct touch with your individual providers.

    The single creditor model is available to all buyers whose ERP/e-procurement system is linked to Unite via an API interface. This means that buyers using ERP/e-procurement systems such as SAP Ariba, BeNeering or Opus Capita can use the single creditor model and only need to maintain one creditor for their purchases on Unite.

    If you do not know whether your company uses an ERP system for procurement, please speak with your purchasing manager. Unite currently works with these e-procurement partners, with more to follow.

    How does a templates look like? Who will send me the invoice and in what format?

    Unite Financial Services issues the invoices according to the following template. In addition to the invoicing party, the actual service provider is also named on all invoices.

    The following templates, which are required when using the single creditor model are available for download.

    Who will send me the invoice and in what format? UFS issues each invoice on behalf of the provider. You’ll receive invoices by email or in cXML format. How you receive invoices partly depends on the e-procurement solution you use. Sample invoices can be viewed below under ‘Sample files’.

    How and whom do I pay?

    All invoices issued by UFS on behalf of individual providers must be paid into a central account of UFS as the creditor. Only payments made to this account are deemed to discharge the customer’s debt to the creditor pursuant to Section 28.1 of Unite’s terms of use. Payment is made on account.

    Übersicht über die Kreditoren Unite Financial Services (UFS) und Mercateo

    Im Single-Creditor-Modell übernimmt Unite die Rechnungsstellung und Zahlungsabwicklung von Anbietern, damit Sie nur einen einzigen Kreditor in Ihrem System pflegen und beliebig viele Lieferanten schnell und einfach verbuchen können.

    Der anzulegende Kreditor hängt vom Abwicklungsmodell des Anbieters ab. Er entscheidet sich zwischen Agentur- und Kommissionsgeschäft. Dahinter stehen die beiden Kreditoren Unite Financial Services (UFS) oder Mercateo Landesgesellschaft. Legen Sie am besten direkt beide Kreditoren an, wenn Sie alle Bestellungen einheitlich verbuchen möchten.

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